Optimizing lifecycle management

At the heart of our core values, optimizing the lifecycle of deployed equipment is a second pillar of our Green WiFi eco-responsible approach.
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Optimizing equipment lifecycles, the key to eco-responsibility

At the heart of our core values, optimizing the lifecycle of deployed equipment is a second pillar of our Green WiFi eco-responsible approach. Our credo: the most environmentally-friendly product is the one you don’t have to replace.

The desire to extend the lifespan of infrastructures and reduce waste is essential. The Green WiFi approach invites you to optimize the life cycle of your equipment, choose sustainable solutions, and – not least – benefit from cost reductions by reconditioning and reusing existing devices.

Green WiFi Fundamentals

green wifi fundamentals diagram


Simplify architectures and integrate the best practices of an eco-responsible approach.

Energy efficiency

Integrate energy consumption into technical choices and implement continuous improvement processes.

Lifecycle optimization

Reduce waste by optimizing the lifespan of existing infrastructures.

How do you go about optimizing the lifecycle of your equipment?

The main aim of this stage in the Green WiFi approach is to maximize equipment utilization and help reduce electronic waste, without compromising the quality and performance of your network infrastructures.

Change, extend, repair…? You need to ask yourself the right questions, be aware of the alternatives, and fully assess the impact and consequences of one choice or another.

Our best practices will help you make the right decisions, decisions that go beyond simple replacement, for sustainable, cost-effective connectivity.

The 3 key principles of Green WiFi lifecycle management

When renovating your network, Green WiFi proposes a two-stage deployment:

  • Initial partial replacement: components that are removed and still functional are integrated into your maintenance batches until they are exhausted.
  • When the maintenance stock becomes too low, the rest of the park is migrated. On average, this extends the life cycle by one year for half of the devices.

Products that are still functional after migration are reconditioned for a second life.

Beyond the quality/price ratio, the lifespan of your equipment is a decisive criterion for your overall return on investment. Green WiFi integrates this data to help you make the best choices.

Green WiFi also takes into account indirect effects, such as technological impacts on the lifespan of your terminals.

Innovative offers enable you to take advantage of refurbished products while retaining a performance guarantee and without budgetary impact. In this way, you extend the life cycle of these products and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

image representant un switch et des cables
image representant un switch et des cables

Green WiFi lifecycle management, a virtuous circle

Following a logical 5-step sequence, our process is part of a continuous dynamic aimed at optimizing equipment life and minimizing our environmental impact.

green wifi lifecycle optimization diagram

The first stage begins with an in-depth understanding of your specific needs. We carry out a detailed audit and analyze the specifications to design a customized solution that perfectly meets your requirements while minimizing environmental impact and taking into account any existing equipment to be reused.

Based on the initial analysis, our experts design a tailor-made architecture, respecting the principles of eco-design and sustainability. Each element is carefully selected to ensure optimum performance while complying with environmental standards.

During deployment, we follow a two-stage approach. Partial replacement allows us to integrate removed, still-functional components into maintenance batches, thus extending the life cycle by an average of one year. Then, the remainder of the fleet is migrated, and products that are still functional are reconditioned for a second life.

Once deployed, your Green WiFi infrastructure is proactively maintained to ensure optimum performance throughout its lifetime. Efficient maintenance practices are put in place to ensure the continued reliability and durability of your equipment.

As equipment nears the end of its life cycle, Green WiFi takes responsibility for its collection, treatment and recycling. We are committed to reducing e-waste by giving equipment a second life where possible, and recycling the rest appropriately.

This virtuous circle creates a harmonious balance between technological performance, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The benefits of maximizing equipment lifetime

By adopting the Green WiFi lifecycle approach, you benefit from a number of advantages:


Maximizing the use of existing equipment and favoring long life contribute directly to the durability of your equipment.

Waste reduction

By reconditioning and reusing existing devices, Green WiFi plays an active role in reducing electronic waste.

Lower costs

Take advantage of cost reductions through lifecycle optimization, ensuring optimum return on investment.

Experts at the service of your unique project

Whether your project involves new build or renovation, simple data aggregation or intensive use of connected devices, modest offices or extensive campuses, our experts with recognized skills are committed to helping you set up and operate infrastructures that combine performance and eco-responsibility.

Wixalia, a specialist in network infrastructure and modern connectivity for over 12 years, has developed in-depth knowledge and understanding of the digital challenges that are radically transforming the way we work and collaborate.

Thanks to its different areas of expertise, Wixalia, exclusive integrator of Green WiFi solutions, acts on behalf of numerous customers in the healthcare, logistics, retail and luxury sectors, and implements concrete technological solutions to enable its customers to virtualize their activities while benefiting from the potential of technologies such as AI, 5G, the Digital Workplace or Smart Building.

Our commitment to an eco-responsible digital world

At Green WiFi, considering the life cycle of equipment is not just a practice, it’s our commitment to a connected and responsible world.

We invite you to make the choice of green connectivity, where every decision is guided by the balance between performance and eco-responsibility.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!