Focusing on ecodesign

At the heart of our core values, ecodesign is one of the pillars of our Green WiFi eco-responsible approach.

Green WiFi ecodesign for high-performance, sustainable and eco-responsible infrastructures

At the heart of our core values, ecodesign is one of the pillars of our Green WiFi ecoresponsible approach.

Discover how we simplify architectures, integrate best practices, and guide you towards high-performance, sustainable, environmentally-friendly connectivity.

Green WiFi Fundamentals

Schéma Valeurs Fondamentales Green WiFi


Simplify architectures and integrate the best practices of an eco-responsible approach.

Energy efficiency

Integrate energy consumption into technical choices and implement continuous improvement processes.

Lifecycle optimization

Reduce waste by optimizing the lifespan of existing infrastructures.

What is ecodesign?

Green WiFi ecodesign goes beyond the simple installation and operation of network infrastructures. It involves an innovative approach aimed at simplifying and optimizing existing architectures.

It also includes optimizing available resources and integrating eco-responsible practices into every stage of the process. In this way, we aim to provide high-performance connectivity while significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

Whether your project involves new build or refurbishment, simple data aggregation or media-intensive use, offices or extensive campuses, our teams with complementary skills are committed to helping you build infrastructures that combine performance and eco-responsibility.

Green WiFi ecodesign basics

Ecodesign starts with avoiding unnecessary components. Green WiFi therefore integrates intelligent mutualization and optimization of existing systems where possible, while choosing the technology best suited to your specific needs.

Green WiFi ecodesign involves an in-depth assessment of network sharing possibilities. From replacing DECT devices with VoIP solutions to eliminating dedicated networks for visitors, our aim is to simplify network architectures without compromising performance.

Ecodesign also involves optimizing WiFi coverage to determine the right number of APs to cover all your target areas at the required bandwidth.

Anticipating needs and looking to the future are at the heart of our approach, guiding your network infrastructure choices towards optimal long-term profitability.

We understand that architecture optimization must not compromise robustness. That’s why Green WiFi always favors a redundant architecture. This redundancy contributes not only to reliability but also to the efficiency of maintenance trips, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Each manufacturer’s offerings have limited life cycles. Choosing a product range that is already old exposes you to a rapid end of manufacturer support, and therefore to a faster than necessary range change. By taking into account the lifecycles of technologies and product ranges, you can optimize the use of your investments and gain in efficiency.

In the same way, the deployment of a new infrastructure must take into account your future needs and the natural evolution of uses (from the Cloud, IoT, big data, AI, etc.) to enable you to extend the life of your investments.

Un bel homme et une jolie femme travaillent dans un centre de données avec un ordinateur portable.
Un bel homme et une jolie femme travaillent dans un centre de données avec un ordinateur portable.

The benefits of Green WiFi ecodesign

By choosing Green WiFi, you benefit from many advantages:

High-performance connectivity

Simplification doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. Green WiFi ensures state-of-the-art connectivity while respecting the environment.


By optimizing infrastructure lifecycles, Green WiFi helps reduce waste and promotes responsible resource management.

Long-term profitability

Our experts anticipate your needs to ensure that your network investment is aligned with optimum profitability.

Experts at the service of your unique project

Whether your project involves new build or renovation, simple data aggregation or intensive use of connected devices, modest offices or extensive campuses, our experts with recognized skills are committed to helping you set up and operate infrastructures that combine performance and eco-responsibility.

Wixalia, a specialist in network infrastructure and modern connectivity for over 12 years, has developed in-depth knowledge and understanding of the digital challenges that are radically transforming the way we work and collaborate.

Thanks to its different areas of expertise, Wixalia, exclusive integrator of Green WiFi solutions, acts on behalf of numerous customers in the healthcare, logistics, retail and luxury sectors, and implements concrete technological solutions to enable its customers to virtualize their activities while benefiting from the potential of technologies such as AI, 5G, the Digital Workplace or Smart Building.

Our commitment to an eco-responsible digital world

With Green WiFi, ecodesign is much more than a technical approach; it’s our commitment to a digital world that respects the planet.

We invite you to make the choice of green connectivity, where every decision is guided by the balance between performance and eco-responsibility.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!