Green WiFi for Logistics and Supply Chain needs

Green WiFi, a strategic partner to Logistics and Supply Chain players, offers technological solutions that combine performance, economy and ecological responsibility.
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Turn your IT challenges into eco-friendly opportunities with Green WiFi

In the logistics and supply chain sector, IT is not just a support service, but the beating heart of the business. A network failure can lead to immediate interruption of operations, with direct consequences for sales and customer satisfaction.

Environmental concerns are also taking center stage, with the French and European regulatory landscape evolving rapidly to promote more sustainable practices.

Legislation is now forcing all players – and the supply chain is being singled out for special attention – to integrate numerous environmental issues into their strategic roadmaps. This means, among other things, making enlightened technological choices – a tremendous opportunity to adopt the Green WiFi approach, perfectly aligned with many of the points raised by the legislation.

Optimize your connectivity with Green WiFi

Green WiFi is committed to promoting IT solutions that reconcile ecology and performance. The aim? To meet customers’ growing demands for sustainable logistics while optimizing operational costs.

Thanks to our eco-responsible approach, which includes reducing the number of devices and simplifying infrastructures, savings and ecology go hand in hand.

Wixalia & Rayonnance: a synergy for innovation

The partnership between Wixalia, exclusive integrator of Green WiFi, and Rayonnance, a specialist in digitizing business processes by offering end-to-end mobile solutions, symbolizes the perfect union between network expertise and advanced mobility and traceability solutions.

Together, they build a complete IT ecosystem for the various professions involved in warehousing, and offer you state-of-the-art professional infrastructures, all designed for long-term sustainability and performance. Installing WiFi hotspots in complex environments – whether at height, in refrigerated areas or outdoors – requires precise, proven technical expertise.

From design to deployment and operation, we provide comprehensive, personalized support for all your IT needs.

une personne travaillant dans un entrepot logistique
une personne travaillant dans un entrepot logistique

Green WiFi solutions to suit you

Green WiFi’s philosophy is rooted in our determination to offer a completely new approach to eco-responsible IT infrastructure to reduce your carbon footprint.

Green WiFi is much more than a technical solution: it’s a responsible approach, a holistic vision that brings together all the economic, ecological and technical performance required for truly eco-responsible connectivity.

Here is a selection of solutions that we think will be of particular interest to you, the logistics and supply chain industry.

GPON LAN Network

Discover how GPON technology can transform your network infrastructure while significantly reducing operational costs (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Harness the power of fiber to boost network performance over long distances and between multiple buildings, while benefiting from significant energy savings.

Network Audit

More than ever, connectivity is the backbone of productivity in many companies, guaranteeing not only continuity of service, but also enabling the deployment of new uses and digital tools.

The Green WiFi oriented network audit identifies weak points and opportunities for improvement in your infrastructure, while integrating an eco-responsible approach for a sustainable digital transition.

WiFi as a Service

Take advantage of an innovative business model with our WiFi as a Service (WaaS) offering, which provides you with a complete connectivity service and guarantees optimal network performance at a fixed cost.

This model enables you to benefit from complete lifecycle management of your network, while reducing your carbon footprint and controlling your budget.

Managed Services

Our managed services offer provides you with the expertise you need to maintain and operate your IT network optimally, while offering efficient technical support to users.

Benefit from the advantages of pooling and ensure the continuity and security of your IT infrastructure with the assistance of our experts.

Our shared commitment to an eco-responsible digital world

Green WiFi is much more than a technical approach; it’s our commitment to a digital world that respects the planet.

We invite you to make the choice of green connectivity, where every decision is guided by the balance between performance and eco-responsibility.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!