Green WiFi

What green connectivity is and how does Green WiFi contribute to it?

Green connectivity is much more than just a concept or a technical issue. It is a holistic vision that brings together all economic, ecological and technological performances for truly eco-responsible connectivity.

Green WiFi is firmly committed to this path by offering an innovative approach to IT and concrete solutions that combine performance and environmental responsibility based on 4 fundamental principles.

Green WiFi

The reforestation program

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Green WiFi

The philosophy

We firmly believe that technology is a driver of positive change for our planet. But it doesn’t do everything! By integrating principles of eco-design, energy efficiency and sustainability into each of our solutions, we have built a bridge between current digital needs and the ecological imperatives of tomorrow.

Our approach focused on green connectivity aims to offer real sustainable alternatives without any compromise on quality or performance by complementing the whole with a vast reforestation plan. At Green WiFi, we believe that every connection can help build a cleaner, greener and more responsible future.

With Green WiFi, you choose responsible technological solutions for a high-performance, planet-friendly digital world. Green WiFi provides you with the best low-carbon connectivity solutions to optimize ecological transformation and digitalization at the same time.

A Green WiFi solution

Discover the GPON technology that reduces your power consumption by up to 60%!

GPON technology is widely acclaimed for its many benefits, both in operational and competitive terms. Among its major assets, fiber optics stands out for its ability to significantly improve connectivity, while actively contributing to the reduction of your ecological footprint and energy efficiency.

A Green WiFi solution

Optimize your productivity with our WiFi as a Service, a secure, high-performance and ethical connectivity solution.

The best managed service model where WiFi is provided complete and operational, including not only the network infrastructure and connected equipment, but also real-time maintenance, updates and technical support.

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We work with a wide range of complementary technology partners who know how to meet our green ambitions. From the most renowned to the most innovative, they allow us to offer you the best solution to meet your sustainable connectivity needs and challenges.

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Green WiFi and all Synelience Group brands support its clients in their sustainable development strategy and digital transformation projects. Our teams and consultants know how to deal with technological issues and challenges posed by players from all types of professional sectors.