Green WiFi audit for sustainable, high-performance LAN

Our Green WiFi-focused network audit identifies weaknesses and improvement opportunities in your infrastructure while integrating an eco-friendly approach for a sustainable digital transition.
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The challenges of aging networks at the heart of network auditing

In the dynamic, ever-changing world of information technology, corporate networks face a number of age-related challenges. Here are just some of the complexities identified by our experts:

Network fragility: Dependence on a single component

Some services depend on a single component. In the event of failure, operations will be impacted, requiring urgent and costly local intervention.

Dead zone: Lack of WiFi coverage or insufficient bandwidth

No WiFi coverage or insufficient bandwidth in one or a few offices.

Specialized networks : Unnecessary duplication of networks

Networks are sometimes unnecessarily duplicated. A common example is setting up a dedicated network for visitors, or using a DECT network.

Quality overage cost: Excessive network sizing

Network oversized to address all identified issues.

Short lifespan: Early end of support and maintenance

End of manufacturer support and maintenance shortly after deployment (3 to 7 years).

No visibility: Lack of traceability of changes

The latest network modifications have not been tracked. No one can hold a vendor accountable for their ability to integrate a new device.

Spaghetti wiring: Lack of cable standardization

Each supplier connected their device without considering cable organization, making each subsequent operation a little more difficult and therefore more costly.

Faced with these challenges, a network audit is an effective way of identifying weak points and opportunities for improvement. It’s also a valuable opportunity to review your network in an eco-responsible way. By assessing the current state of the network and identifying obsolete or oversized equipment, we can propose solutions that not only improve performance and reliability, but also help reduce the environmental footprint of the network infrastructure.

Green WiFi network audit for efficient, environmentally-friendly deployments and renovations

A network audit is the crucial first step in ensuring efficient deployments and renovations, while integrating Green WiFi’s sustainability principles. This in-depth examination provides you with an overview of your existing infrastructure, enabling you to assess the best options for an eco-responsible, high-performance upgrade. Depending on the context of your project (renovation, clarification or new deployment), our audit service includes the following elements:

Un bel homme et une jolie femme travaillent dans un centre de données avec un ordinateur portable.
Un bel homme et une jolie femme travaillent dans un centre de données avec un ordinateur portable.

We assess the quality of your current WiFi coverage to identify areas of weak signal and ensure optimal connectivity throughout your facility.

We examine your existing racks to determine their suitability for integrating new equipment, taking into account space, cooling and cable management considerations.

We review your current network equipment to identify opportunities for optimization and replacement with more energy-efficient, high-performance solutions.

We carry out a thorough analysis of the cabling requirements for new installations, taking care to minimize disruption and waste.

At the end of the audit, we provide you with a detailed report that includes an optimal definition of WiFi architecture, conclusions on current coverage, recommendations for network pooling, securing and clarifying cabling. This report provides you with valuable insights for making informed decisions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your network.

How does a network audit become eco-responsible?

A network audit becomes eco-responsible thanks to our approach focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. By prioritizing the reuse of existing equipment, proposing energy optimization solutions and minimizing waste, we help to reduce the environmental footprint of your network infrastructure. What’s more, by helping you make the best technological choices and planning deployments efficiently, we maximize operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Concrete examples of energy optimization

Green WiFi focuses on energy optimization to minimize the impact of digital technology on the environment. When we talk about WiFi, for example, this includes :

By adjusting the transmission power of WiFi access points based on usage density and actual coverage needs, we reduce energy consumption while maintaining reliable connectivity.

By deactivating unused features of WiFi access points, we reduce unnecessary energy consumption and optimize network performance.

By scheduling sleep or deactivation periods for WiFi access points during times of low usage, such as at night or on closed days, we save energy without compromising network availability.

By leveraging the Target Wake Time feature of WiFi 6, we optimize power management for connected devices, thereby extending their battery life and reducing the overall energy consumption of the network.

By migrating to a Cloud management architecture for WiFi controllers, we reduce the energy consumption associated with on-site equipment maintenance and management, while improving network flexibility and scalability.

Illustration d'une ampoule représentant le vert
Illustration d'une ampoule représentant le vert

These are just a few examples, but there are numerous avenues to explore for improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of network infrastructures. Our team of Green WiFi experts is here to guide you in identifying and implementing the solutions that best suit your specific needs, while also contributing to environmental preservation.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!