Aiming for energy efficiency

A core value of Green WiFi, energy efficiency is at the heart of the technological choices you make for your network infrastructures.
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Energy efficiency at the heart of technological decisions for green connectivity

The question of energy efficiency, one of the 3 pillars of Green WiFi, requires an unequivocal response: choose energy-efficient technologies for your network infrastructures, and implement continuous improvement processes to guarantee optimum energy performance over time.

Green WiFi Fundamentals

green wifi fundamentals diagram


Simplify architectures and integrate the best practices of an eco-responsible approach.

Energy efficiency

Integrate energy consumption into technical choices and implement continuous improvement processes.

Lifecycle optimization

Reduce waste by optimizing the lifespan of existing infrastructures.

What do we mean by energy efficiency in the Green WiFi approach?

Our main objective is to take into account the energy impact of each stage in the connectivity value chain, and to make an informed choice of solutions that combine eco-responsibility and performance.

In the IT and digital sectors, the carbon footprint is an undeniable reality, but there are more environmentally-friendly alternatives, and that’s where Green WiFi comes in.

We keep a constant watch on energy-efficient technologies, capitalizing on best practices and advising on the technological choices best suited to your projects, while respecting your energy performance requirements.

How can you reduce the energy impact of your network infrastructures?

To maximize the energy efficiency of your infrastructure, we capitalize on proven practices. For example:

  • Access point sleep mode: When buildings are unoccupied, such as at weekends in offices, access points go into sleep mode, reducing energy consumption.
  • Remote switch-off: Devices not in use can be switched off remotely, minimizing unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Power adaptation: Access points adjust their power according to usage, ensuring energy consumption is proportional to actual needs.
  • Deactivation of unused features: Unused energy-consuming features are deactivated, thus conserving resources.

A Green WiFi technology is based on a rigorous selection approach, taking into account ecological performance criteria such as :

  • Energy efficiency: Technologies must demonstrate significant energy efficiency, contributing to a significant reduction in overall energy consumption.
  • Durability: We favor technologies designed for extended life, minimizing the environmental impact of frequent replacement.
  • Integration into the Green WiFi ecosystem: The technologies we select must integrate harmoniously into our ecosystem, promoting coherent global connectivity.

Concrete examples of Green WiFi technologies recognized for their energy efficiency.

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)

This technology offers significant energy savings, up to -60%, by eliminating a large number of traditional electronic devices.

“Target Wake Time” feature

Reduce battery consumption by telling connected devices the appropriate times to put their WiFi to sleep, a smart approach to saving energy when it’s not needed.

At Green WiFi, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the adoption of existing eco-energy technologies. We also prioritize continuous improvement at the core of our approach. This means we are committed to evolving over time, staying abreast of the latest advancements, and integrating them intelligently and pragmatically.

  • Continuous Improvement Process

Continuous improvement is a proactive philosophy that drives us to constantly rethink our approach to minimize our environmental impact. Adaptable over time, this process allows us to stay in tune with technological advancements and ensure that Green WiFi remains at the forefront of green connectivity.

  • Integrating New Technologies

When new eco-energy technologies emerge, our team of experts meticulously evaluates their applicability to our ecosystem. We consider how these innovations can not only enhance Green WiFi’s energy performance but also contribute to the overall goal of reducing carbon footprint. Thus, every opportunity to integrate a new, more environmentally responsible technology is carefully examined and then implemented as soon as it makes sense for our clients.

Le signal wifi posé sur l'herbe
Le signal wifi posé sur l'herbe

The priority of energy efficiency and its multiple benefits

Overall performance

Choosing eco-responsible solutions does not sacrifice the performance of your network infrastructure. Both objectives complement each other harmoniously for optimal connectivity.

Energy savings

By capitalizing on eco-energy practices, you not only reduce your operational costs but also your company’s carbon footprint.

Tangible action for a better digital world

Adopting environmentally friendly technologies is also actively contributing to a more responsible digital world.

Alignment with your CSR policy

If addressing the environmental impact of your business is at the core of your CSR policy, directing your network infrastructure towards energy efficiency is a consistent action with your values.

Experts at the service of your unique project

Whether your project involves new construction or renovation, simple data aggregation or intensive media usage, modest offices or extensive campuses, our experts with recognized skills are committed to supporting you in implementing and operating infrastructures that combine performance and environmental responsibility.

Thus, Wixalia, a specialist in network infrastructure and modern connectivity for over 12 years, develops a deep understanding of the digital challenges that radically transform the way we work and collaborate.

With its various expertise, Wixalia, as the exclusive integrator of Green WiFi solutions, acts on behalf of numerous clients in healthcare, logistics, retail, luxury, and implements concrete technological solutions to enable its clients to virtualize their activities while benefiting from the potential of technologies such as AI, 5G, Digital Workplace, or Smart Building.

Our commitment to an eco-responsible digital world

At Green WiFi, prioritizing energy efficiency means investing in a technologically efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly future.

We invite you to also make the choice for green connectivity, where every decision is guided by the balance between performance and environmental responsibility.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!