Green WiFi for eco-friendly telephony and nurse calls

Choose Green WiFi for your telephony and nurse call system to benefit from optimum performance while reducing your carbon footprint.
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Why choose a Green WiFi approach for your telephony and nurse call system?

Are you a hospital or nursing home planning to upgrade your telephony and nurse call system? With Green WiFi, you can reconcile performance and savings in your renovation project, while also integrating an eco-responsible dimension.

At Green WiFi, we’ve developed an integrated approach that ensures both operational efficiency and respect for the environment. By choosing our solutions for your telephony and nurse call system, you benefit from optimum performance and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our methodologies and technologies are designed to maximize the use of resources while minimizing environmental impact. By choosing Green WiFi, you’re making a responsible choice that’s part of a sustainable approach to the future of our planet.

How can you make your telephony and nurse call system eco-friendly?

Green WiFi offers a methodological approach focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. Here’s how we do it:

Maximum reuse of existing facilities

We make the most of existing equipment, thanks to interoperability solutions. Rather than replacing everything, we identify components that are still functional and integrate them into the new architecture, thereby reducing waste and extending equipment life.

In this way, we employ a strategy of reusing and gradually upgrading devices, and retired products are used as spare parts, thus extending the life cycles of the remaining devices. To achieve this, our experts have developed methodologies and solutions enabling solutions from different manufacturers to coexist: whatever the technological migration, migration operations are transparent for your teams and your patients, and integrate Green WiFi best environmental practices.

And prior to this migration operation, you benefit from all the advice you need to make the best choices according to your budget and needs.

A requirement for quality in the selection of technologies

The quality of the systems deployed is essential to ensure service availability, limit maintenance operations and delay equipment replacement.

That’s why Green WiFi selects only the best technologies, to guarantee user satisfaction, reduce your carbon footprint and maximize the life of your investments.

Solutions for saving money and sharing infrastructure

There are many solutions to consider in the case of renovation, to offset occasional network changes and take advantage of the latest technological developments.

Here are two particularly simple examples that our experts have encountered on numerous occasions:

  • Setting up a network dedicated to visitors or a new service, for example, can lead to a multiplication of networks. Unifying them reduces the number of duplicate terminals, switches and cables.
  • DECT terminals can now be replaced by VoIP phones, allowing you to capitalize on your WLAN with the same results.

You can also benefit from our expertise in network management through a range of shared services, from curative to proactive maintenance, with efficient operation of your telephony and nurse call systems.

Sizing to suit your current and future needs

Our approach consists of sizing your telephony system architecture to meet your present and future needs. By choosing scalable solutions, we ensure flexibility and scalability to support the growth of your business, while minimizing unnecessary investment.

By combining these different aspects, Green WiFi is committed to transforming your telephony and nurse call system into an eco-responsible solution, helping to preserve the environment while optimizing your costs and operational efficiency.

Green WiFi quality guarantees

Trouble-free renovation of your telephony and nurse call system

The Green WiFi approach in no way calls into question the fundamental principles of intervention in healthcare facilities, whether you’re a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

During renovations, maintaining continuity of care is paramount, which means upgrading the infrastructure without disrupting operations. This means avoiding the multiplication of call systems and minimizing interruptions to in-room call devices.

Trusted partners for quality equipment

Our experts work with leading suppliers of telephony and nurse call solutions.

These partnerships enable us to offer you the quality of the best technologies on the market, guaranteeing the longevity of your investments.

Reliable, durable telephony solutions

Our telephony solutions are designed to meet your long-term needs.

We work closely with you to define architectures tailored to your strategic objectives, ensuring seamless integration and seamless scalability.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!