WiFi as a Service, an advantageous and ethical economic model

Green WiFi's WiFi as a Service is an eco-friendly managed WiFi solution. Discover how WaaS contributes to reducing your carbon footprint.
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What is WiFi as a Service?

This innovative solution is part of the functional economy, a business model focused on usage rather than ownership. WaaS is thus a service model where WiFi is provided as a complete service, including not only the network infrastructure and equipment but also maintenance, updates, and technical support. This approach allows companies to benefit from a high-quality WiFi network without the constraints associated with managing and investing in expensive equipment.

Functional economy at the core of WiFi as a Service

In the context of the functional economy, WaaS focuses on providing a comprehensive connectivity service, thereby reducing the need for ownership and maintenance of equipment. This enables resource optimization, waste reduction, and improved product lifecycle.

A secure, high-performance and ethical connectivity solution

The best managed service model where WiFi is provided complete and operational, including not only the network infrastructure and connected equipment, but also real-time maintenance, updates and technical support.

The eco-friendly benefits of WiFi as a Service

WiFi as a Service, in addition to its performance, offers features that make this solution particularly beneficial for the environment. Indeed, by partnering with your network provider, your interests align and lead to numerous benefits:

Reducing carbon footprint

Fewer devices mean less resource-intensive production and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Optimizing resources

The WaaS utilizes equipment more efficiently, extending their lifespan and reducing the frequency of replacement.

Recycling and Refurbishment

End-of-life equipment is recycled or refurbished, thus minimizing electronic waste.

The operational benefits of WaaS for businesses

Homme dans une infrastructure réseau
Homme dans une infrastructure réseau

Your partner takes care of the entire project, including:

  • Design, deployment of copper or GPON (passive optical network), site audit and security
  • Cabling, installation of access points and switches
  • Managed services for maintenance, administration, and data management
  • Optional services such as setting up a customized captive portal and legal traceability
  • End-of-life management of hardware and refurbishment

You lease the entire infrastructure set up with a shared goal of results and performance.

Costs are predetermined with transparent billing, eliminating any risk of financial surprises. You also benefit from the pooling of management licenses and necessary expertise.

Experts are by your side to anticipate and manage breakdowns. These contracts come with an SLA (Service Level Agreement), allowing your company to focus on its core business.

An enhanced experience for all your users

The WiFi connection is often the first interaction your guests have with your business, and this first impression matters greatly. With our WiFi as a Service offering, your clients, partners, and suppliers will be greeted by a reliable and elegantly customized connection portal that reflects your brand image. Our proven solution not only ensures seamless connectivity but also manages all necessary legal aspects such as connection traceability, providing you with peace of mind and compliance.

une equipe de collaborateurs souriant autour d'un pc portable
une equipe de collaborateurs souriant autour d'un pc portable

Guaranteed satisfaction through uncompromising performance

Our redundant infrastructure is designed to decrease the number of required devices while maximizing availability, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted user experience. This reliability also reduces maintenance operations, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint. We make a contractual commitment to deliver the exemplary level of service you deserve, backed by a defined and transparent Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Enhanced security and peace of mind

We deploy an optimal network architecture that combines physical sharing and top-notch cybersecurity. This translates into the use of dedicated VLANs to isolate data flows, tailored to different uses and the sensitivity of information. We provide personalized support in managing firewalls and regular firmware updates to maintain a consistently high level of security. Furthermore, our Firewall as a Service adds an additional layer of protection. And for seamless management, we integrate backup solutions for configuring your network infrastructure and managing user accounts.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!