Green WiFi, the brand

Green WiFi, the brand that combines technology and ecological awareness to minimize the environmental impact of IT while maximizing operational performance.

Green WiFi, a brand of eco-responsible digital commitment

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Welcome to the world of Green WiFi, where connectivity becomes a declaration of commitment to an eco-responsible digital future.

Behind every data transmission, there's a mission that goes far beyond simple connectivity issues.

Our story

Green WiFi is the fruit of Synelience Group’s innovative vision. It’s the story of a shared ambition: to rethink enterprise connectivity to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational performance.

At the heart of this adventure, Synelience Group has shaped Green WiFi as a concrete response to the need for eco-responsible connectivity.

Why the name Green WiFi ?

Synelience Group originally created the Green WiFi® brand to combine the challenges of energy efficiency with the technological reality represented by WiFi, a structurally eco-responsible component of IT infrastructures.

Green WiFi® and its new value proposition were born out of our desire to meet these specific needs by offering a completely new, efficient approach to making your IT infrastructure eco-responsible and reducing your carbon footprint.

The energy efficiency of WiFi. Or not.

Indeed, WiFi offers several advantages in terms of energy consumption management and environmental impact:

WiFi for less energy consumption

WiFi consumes less energy than cellular technologies.

WiFi: fewer cables, longer life

It requires less wiring in buildings, thus reducing material and resource needs.

Flexible workspaces thanks to WiFi

It promotes organizational flexibility within buildings, allowing for easier adaptation of workspaces.

Is WiFi Perfectly Eco-Friendly? Far from it! The energy consumption and carbon footprint of access points are not neutral.

For Green WiFi, WiFi represents the ambition to anchor eco-responsibility in reality:

  • A process rather than a ready-made solution,
  • Continuous improvement rather than a revolutionary technological mirage,
  • Contextual choices rather than a dogmatic stance.

So, while other technologies may be more eco-friendly than WiFi, such as a traditional wired infrastructure, Green WiFi methodologies and technologies will enable you to make the best choice.

An approach covering the entire network infrastructure value chain

Green WiFi aims to embrace the entire value chain of an IT infrastructure. Synelience Group understood that to truly impact the environment, it was necessary to extend our approach to your entire network infrastructure.

That’s why Green WiFi intervenes across the entire value chain of your network infrastructure, bringing the best green technologies available.

The promise of a greener digital transformation

Green WiFi now promises a greener and more sustainable digital transformation. It’s choosing connectivity that goes beyond simple data transmission.

It’s opting for an approach that marries technology with acute ecological awareness. We believe in connectivity that not only works well but also maximizes respect for our planet.

Our commitment to Green IT

At the heart of Green WiFi lies an unwavering commitment to Green IT. Green IT encompasses a set of technologies aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology.

In this context, Green WiFi is not just a green alternative; it’s the next logical step in the evolution of enterprise connectivity.

It’s a balanced and practical approach to providing you with eco-responsible technological solutions that align with your operational needs.

Eco-responsible innovation

Innovation is our driving force. Green WiFi is designed to be at the forefront of technological advancements while remaining true to its eco-responsible philosophy.

It’s a harmonious fusion of innovation and responsibility, where every technological update is carefully evaluated for its environmental impact.

Green WiFi, more than a brand, a partnership

Green WiFi is not just a brand; it’s a partnership. It’s a mutual commitment to a future where connectivity is synonymous with sustainability.

Choosing Green WiFi means choosing to be part of a community that reimagines connectivity for the benefit of all.

Join us in this adventure where every connection matters, not only for your business but also for our planet.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!