A sustainable professional WiFi network with Green WiFi

With Green WiFi, thinking differently about corporate WiFi networks helps minimize the impact of digital technology on the environment.
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How can you make your WiFi installation eco-responsible?

Our eco-responsible approach at Green WiFi reconciles the importance of digitalization with a strong commitment to environmental protection. Our experts assist you in designing a professional WiFi infrastructure that combines performance and ecological best practices to minimize its carbon footprint.

Green WiFi eco-responsibility measures

Depending on the specifics of your project and your objectives, different measures can be adopted. These include:

Optimizing existing assets

The deployment can be done in 2 stages, with a reuse of the removed access points as spare parts for the remaining ones to extend their lifecycle.

Using refurbished access points.

Using refurbished access points will allow you to optimize both your cash flow and the lifecycle of the devices.

Optimizing coverage

The ideal scenario is to ensure that all useful areas are covered by two access points. Redundancy will guarantee the availability of your network while consolidating maintenance operations to minimize the number of service trips.

Optimizing the configuration of access points

By turning off the access points during periods of low activity (such as at night and on weekends), you can easily save energy. You can also adjust their power based on usage to further optimize energy consumption.

Moving the WiFi controllers to the cloud

This allows for the pooling of expert skills across your various sites and on all network technologies.

Choosing specific technologies

Some technologies incorporate intrinsic eco-friendly characteristics into their usage. For example, opting for a fiber network such as GPON can result in energy savings of up to 60%. Similarly, the Target Wake Time (TWT) feature of WiFi 6 preserves battery life for longer lifecycles and overall reduces energy consumption.

image representant un switch et des cables
image representant un switch et des cables

And you contribute to our reforestation program!

As a stakeholder committed to making our commitment tangible, our reforestation program represents a significant green initiative. In addition to its ecological benefits, this program aims to offset the carbon footprint generated by the increasing use of digital technologies.

  • A little extra for the planet: offsetting the carbon footprint of digitalization

Every WiFi project you entrust to us becomes a contribution to planting our shared forest. For every WiFi device installed, whether it’s an access point or a tablet, we pledge to plant a tree. Thus, your digital initiatives actively contribute to the growth of our forest, offering a tangible positive impact on our shared environment.

A professional WiFi deployment combining performance and ecological responsibility with Green WiFi

Each of the traditional steps of a WiFi deployment (design, staging, installation, post-deployment) is meticulously filtered through the Green WiFi approach. As such, each project is optimized to be the most environmentally friendly version while considering your specific needs and budget.

The efficiency of Wixalia, a multi-expertise partner

Setting up a network infrastructure requires a variety of skills, from cable management to cybersecurity and network configuration. Wixalia, our exclusive integrator, brings together all of these skills to ensure optimal efficiency and performance, as well as consistency with the Green WiFi philosophy. With Wixalia as the single project manager, you streamline management while maintaining reliable commitments.

Customized solutions for every industry sector

Whether you operate in the healthcare sector, senior residences, coworking spaces, industrial warehouses, retail stores, or offices, our WiFi solutions and architectures are tailored and customized to meet the specific eco-responsibility needs of each sector.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!