Green WiFi values and commitments

Let yourself be surprised by our world, where technology blends harmoniously with strong values, a bold vision and concrete commitments.
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Discover Green WiFi's values, vision and commitments.

Welcome to Green WiFi, the reference in responsible connectivity. Let us surprise you with our world, where technology blends harmoniously with strong values, a bold vision and concrete commitments.

Green WiFi is more than just an IT service provider; we’re the bearers of a mission that transcends connectivity. Discover our brand values, vision and commitments, and dive into the essence of Green WiFi.

Green WiFi Fundamentals

Green WiFi is based on fundamental values that guide everything we do. When you choose Green WiFi, you’re opting for green connectivity rooted in :

green wifi fundamentals diagram


Simplify architectures and integrate the best practices of an eco-responsible approach.

Energy efficiency

Integrate energy consumption into technical choices and implement continuous improvement processes.

Lifecycle optimization

Reduce waste by optimizing the lifespan of existing infrastructures.

Green WiFi's vision and mission

Our vision goes beyond simple connectivity. At Green WiFi, we aspire to :

Green connectivity

Our vision is to shape a digital world that respects the planet. Green WiFi is committed to offering solutions that combine performance and environmental responsibility.

Promoting social commitment

At Green WiFi, we believe in a new vision of computing where the adoption of low-energy technologies makes a tangible and lasting contribution to your commitment to society. Green WiFi thus becomes the ally of the environmental pillar of your CSR policy, embodying your approach to an eco-responsible digital future.

Optimization and sustainability

By optimizing the life cycle of existing equipment wherever possible, Green WiFi works to maximize its use, thus contributing to more sustainable resource management.

Our concrete commitments

Make the impactful choice of eco-responsible network infrastructure technology solutions and WiFi and wired connectivity. Green WiFi offers concrete solutions for green connectivity that combine performance and respect for the environment.

Our Green WiFi reforestation program, launched in 2020 by Wixalia, is a carbon footprint offsetting initiative materialized by the planting of trees. This concrete action, extended to all Synelience Group brands, lays the foundations for greener, more environmentally-friendly growth.

This initiative finances the planting of one tree:

  • For each WiFi device installed, whether a WiFi hotspot, tablet or PC.
  • For each day of consultancy provided as part of our intellectual services.

Promoting responsible connectivity starts by raising awareness internally of responsible digital use. At Green WiFi, our commitment to responsible connectivity goes beyond technology. It starts with the conscious use of digital tools on a daily basis. That’s why we strive to encourage all our employees and partners to adopt good practices and simple gestures that promote responsible use of technology.

Illustration d'une ampoule représentant le vert
Illustration d'une ampoule représentant le vert

All together with Green WiFi

By choosing Green WiFi, you adhere to clear and shared objectives:

Technological performance and responsibility

Benefit from state-of-the-art solutions across the entire value chain of your network infrastructure, without compromising the environment.

Energy optimization

Reduce your carbon footprint while guaranteeing the quality of your connection.
Budget optimization
Save smart and invest in a sustainable future.

Eco-responsible approach

Be part of a responsible connectivity movement.

At Green WiFi, our identity is built on solid values, an ambitious vision, tangible commitments and clear objectives. Choose connectivity that transcends boundaries and embraces eco-responsibility.

Join us on this adventure where every connection counts, not only for your business, but also for our planet.

Ready to take your IT project to the next level with a brand-new eco-responsible approach? Green WiFi helps you achieve new goals!